Our Business Model

Twin Oaks Capital Group targets Class B to C- multifamily properties in the Houston and Dallas metropolitan area. We seek the strategic acquisition of assets that present an opportunity for us to add value and provide quality and elegant living space at affordable prices to our tenants. We believe that by focusing on providing quality living spaces at competitive prices, we will achieve our investment goals and provide superior returns to our investors. We want to provide high quality and elegant living space to our tenants. 

Having invested in the Houston Class B & C real estate space, we have a strong understanding of the various sub-markets and operations of these assets. We understand the demands of the tenants and as it relates to local sub-markets and know how to cater to those demands. We have 3-4 primary ways to drive revenue. It all starts with providing our tenants with a high quality place to live. Given our experience and understanding of the local market, we understand how to manage revenue and remove inefficient management practices to improve NOI.